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Histo Pathology

The lab is equipped with

  • In-House processing of histopathology samples.
  • In-House facility for Tru-cut biopsies.
  • Out-side facilities for special stains – PAS, Alcian Blue,Methenamine Silver stain, Perl's stain, Congo #4863a0 stain.
  • Immuno histochemistry Markers – ER, PR, Her-2 neu, Cytokeratin, LCA, EMA & S-100
  • Clones of standard strains and FDA approved companies are used.
  • Well trained and qualified pathologists with expertise in Oncopathology reporting.
  • Faster TAT.


The lab is equipped with

  • Semi automated three part cell counter- Medonic from Boule Medical, Sweeden working on SRV technology and absolute volumetric measurement to ensure precision and accuracy.
  • A semi automated Bio-chemistry analyzer Microlab 300 from Elitech Clinical Systems with UL, CE, CB certified.
  • Coagulometer manufactured by Tcoag, Ireland for PT, APTT & Lupus anticoagulant assays.
  • Electrolyte Analyzer of ISE technology.
  • Specific Protein Analyzer using nephlometric method.
  • The laboratory will have different levels of quality control to be started to measure quality.

Serology & Microbiology

The lab is equipped with

  • ELISA reader system from Avantor- USA for almost about 30 different ELISAs.
  • Automated culture, identification and sensitivity system for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
  • Automated Culture system for Blood.
  • Provides AFB culture and sensitivity system Bactek MGIT based on fluorometric principle.
  • Rapid identification and PNBA identification of MTB, MOTT/NTM.
  • Facility for autoimmune diseases.
  • Facility to special tests such as Western blot for HIV, Quantiferon TB gold test, ANA profile.
  • The laboratory has different self levels Quality Control to measures the department.
  • Regular Internal audits to monitor out of control situations.

Pathology & Cryptology

Clinical Pathology

The lab is equipped with

  • An fasted Urine Chemistry Analyzer – FDA, CE approved.
  • Screening for drugs of abuse.


  • Well trained technicians and qualified pathologists.
  • Cytopathology – Facility for guided FNACs.
  • The laboratory will have different levels of quality control to be processed to measures the department.
  • Inter Laboratory Quality Assurance Programs – ILQA to be initialized soon.
  • Regular Internal audits to monitor SOPs.
Pathology is the scientific study of structural and functional changes in disease or the alterations that occur when abnormal influences (bacteria,viruses etc.) affect cells, tissues, or body systems. More specifically,pathology may be defined as the "scientific study of the molecular, cellular,tissue, or organ system response to injurious agents or adverse influences." Actually, pathology provides a logical means of relating the knowledge of normal structure and function (anatomy and physiology) to abnormal structure and function as encountered by a disease. It should be emphasized that pathology, as the scientific study of disease, follows the morbid process from its inception to its termination, and investigates the lesions produced.

Clinic Bio Chemistry

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Hospital will be having 500 beds, 8 no.Operation Theatres and will be having inpatient treatment facility including all types of surgeries/procedures as prescribed by the OPD department. A full fledged in-house Canteen facility for the patient’s diet as well as for the visitors will be available.

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